Oil Production Investment Opportunity in Texas

Are you looking for an oil project investment opportunity? If so, US Energy Assets provides the full range of oil company investment opportunity services that you need to feel secure in your investment. We are committed to providing you with the oil production investment opportunity that you have been looking for.

Why Oil Project Investment?

We focus our efforts on oil project investment opportunity services throughout Texas, but we also identify oil investment opportunities in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas. Our services are targeted so that we understand the ins and outs of what makes investments successful.

Our goal is to provide you with the oil company investment opportunity of your dreams, complete with the high return on your investment that you expect. Oil promises to play a key role in energy supplies for the coming decades, and you can take advantage of that growth with a well-timed investment today.

As part of our oil production investment opportunity services, we explore the tax advantages of an investment in oil projects with you. Intangible drilling costs are 100% deductible for the first year, and tangible drilling costs remain 100% deductible as long as drilling occurs.

Why Us?

We partner with Timeless Protect, which provides you with a 100% buyback guarantee. Our guarantee means that your investment money is protected by insurance and held in trust. The entire cash amount that you invest is available to you at the end of your investment term, which can be 12, 15, 20, or 25 years.

Our acquisitions team understands the oil production field because of our extensive industry experience. Our team is comprised of expert members with a range of expertise covering the full cycle of oil project development, including exploration, land acquisition, delineation, development, and even profitable exit shale oil exploitation.

Come to US Energy Assets in Texas for your oil company investment opportunity needs. Call (214) 643-6190 to discover how you can begin investing today.