U.S. Set To Pump More Oil Than Russia And Saudis Combined

In a major shift, the United States is set to produce more oil and liquids than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined by 2025.

In Rystad Energy’s base case oil price scenario, US liquids production is forecast to surpass 24 million barrels per day over the next six years, thereby outpacing the combined output from Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Why 2019 Could Start With An Oil Rally

Oil prices have regained significant ground since the Christmas Eve meltdown, and there is potential for higher prices in the weeks ahead.

Trying to guess what will happen next with oil is foolish, but several trends and upcoming events could pave the way for a tightening up of the oil market. As we close out the year, December could potentially go down as the low point in the latest price cycle.

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Oil: A big investment with big tax breaks

When it comes to tax-advantaged investments for wealthy or sophisticated investors, one commodity continues to stand alone above all others: oil. With the U.S. government’s backing, domestic energy production has created a litany of tax incentives for both investors and small producers, and oil is no exception.

Several major tax benefits are available for oil and gas investors that are found nowhere else in the tax code. Below, we’ll cover the benefits of tax- advantaged oil investments and how you can use them to fire up your portfolio.


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China-U.S. Ceasefire Paves Way For New LNG Projects

News broke on Saturday that the U.S. and China had reached a ceasefire in its ongoing trade war after President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Argentina.

According to the White House, the U.S. will still keep in place $200 billion of tariffs on Chinese imports but will not increase those tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent after the start of the year as originally planned. The deal will also keep, at least for now, Trump from placing another $267 billion worth of Chinese goods under tariffs.

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Natural Gas Prices Soar To 9-Year Highs As Cold Forecast Bites

Natural gas prices shot through the roof on Wednesday as weather forecasts called for an increasingly cold winter in what is looking like a tightly supplied market.

Natural gas spot prices had climbed by more than 10 percent shortly after 11:00am EST, to reach $4.512—a price that traders haven’t seen since Fall 2014.

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U.S. set to produce half of world’s oil, gas output by 2025, IEA report finds

ABU DHABI — Relentless American shale development is set to allow the U.S. to leapfrog the world’s other major oil and gas producers, with the potential for the country to account for roughly half of global crude and natural growth by 2025, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday.

In its annual World Energy Outlook report, the IEA said its main projection scenario through to 2040 foresees the U.S. accounting for nearly 75% and 40% of global oil and gas growth, respectively, over the next six years. Growth is expected to be driven primarily by shale fracking, which should lead U.S. shale oil supply to more than double, reaching 9.2 million barrels a day by the mid-2020s, the agency said.

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Banks Raise Oil Forecasts as Iran Sanctions Approach

LONDON—Banks last month raised their forecasts for oil prices, amid expectations of a further reduction in crude supply from Iran after U.S. sanctions on the OPEC member’s oil industry take effect next week.

Brent crude—the global oil benchmark—is now expected to average nearly $75 a barrel this year, according to a poll of 11 investment banks surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. standard, is projected to average just above $68 a barrel in 2018. The estimates mark increases of roughly $2 and $1, respectively, on the forecasts from September’s survey.

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Cold Snap Could Send Natural Gas To $5

The natural gas market is looking rather tight, even as U.S. production continues to set new records.

Inventories fell sharply last winter, leaving the country a little light on stocks heading into injection season. That did not concern the market much, with record-setting production expected to replenish depleted inventories.

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Cedar Hill, Texas, October 24, 2018 Since 2014 U.S. Energy Assets LLC has successfully guided and placed interest owners in 82 oil and gas wells in 7 different Counties in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas.  August cumulative production from these wells was: 142,214 BO (Barrels of Oil) and 152,297 MCF (Thousand Cubit Feet of Natural Gas).

The Eagle Ford Shale Trend is located in South Texas (the “Trend”) as currently delineated is approximately 40 miles wide and 500 miles long, it encompasses 30 South Texas counties, 20,000 sq. miles, 12,800,000 acres, and is still growing as the Play expands to the East and South. “The Eagle Ford Shale Trend is larger than the state of Maryland”.  Source: Wood Mackenzie.  Since its discovery in 2008, over 17,000 horizontal wells have been drilled and completed in the Trend. Source: Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) March 2017.

The Eagle Ford Shale Trend’s daily production of crude oil and condensate exceeded 1,200,000 barrels per day, over 13.04% of the U.S.’s total daily production.  Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) March 2017.  Daily production is predicted to grow to over 2,000,000 barrels of oil and condensate per day by the end of this decade. Source: Wood Mackenzie.  In November 2014 cumulative Eagle Ford Shale Trend production hit the 1 billion barrel milestone; over 70% of the 1 billion barrels were produced in the last two years. Only two oil fields; Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar and Alaska’s North Slope have reached 1 billion barrels in cumulative production faster. Source: Wood Mackenzie December 2014.

It is estimated that the Trend contains recoverable resources of 25 billion barrels of oil equivalent  (BOE) placing the Trend as perhaps the United States largest oil reserve and the 8th largest oil field in the world in terms of estimated ultimate recoverable reserves (EUR). Source: Tudor Pickering Holt & Co 2013.  It is estimated that the average well in the Trend will produce 500,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) over its economic life. Source: Railroad Commission of Texas 2012.  It is also estimated that it will take over two decades and 90,000 wells to develop the Eagle Ford Shale Trend. Source: W.D. Von Gonten & Company, Petroleum Engineers 2012.

U.S. Energy Assets’ experienced acquisitions team enjoys deep, long-term relationships in the most active fields in the U.S., driving significant amounts of deal flow.  Over his many years in the industry, U.S. Energy Assets’ Founding Principal has facilitated the purchase and sale of millions of dollars worth of producing oil and gas projects.


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Prices Soar As Natural Gas Inventories Hit Decade Low

Natural gas prices have spiked over the last few weeks as U.S. inventories run low ahead of the peak winter heating season.

Nymex natural gas prices have jumped nearly 15 percent over the past month, rising to roughly $3.30 per million Btu (MMBtu). The market has clearly grown a little concerned about adequate supplies heading into the winter and that is reflected in natural gas prices rising to their highest point since the beginning of the year.

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